Cannabis and hemp: is it the same plant?

Absolutely: hemp and cannabis are the same plant. Cannabis sativa L. is a species of the genus Cannabis. It belongs to the Cannabaceae family, in which we also find hops. Just like tomatoes, there are different varieties! People have been growing this plant for thousands of years and it has contributed greatly to human evolution. For example, industrial hemp is a subspecies used for its seeds or fibre. It does not contain THC, the psychotropic substance that makes you high. Most of the time, the term hemp is used to refer to industrial hemp and the word cannabis identifies cannabis for medical or recreational use.

Hemp, also known as hempseed, is eaten as it is or cold pressed to extract its precious oil. It is used for food, body care, and hygiene of both humans and animals.

Hemp fibre has thousands of uses: textiles and clothing, paper, biofuel, rope, construction, insulation, pet litter, and more! It can easily replace petroleum and cotton used in many products. Henry Ford even designed a hemp car in the 1940s!

Hemp, whether it is consumed as oil, seeds, or protein, is not addictive at all! You can enjoy it without any worries. Cheers to the happy prospect  of developing an attractive and healthy temptation which is only beneficial for your health!

Hemp is a food product, not a medical product, and can be used freely, without any recommendation…except for that of making it part of your optimal diet. Hemp seeds, oil, and protein powder alone are a prescription for better health.